Interview with Kyle Huskey – Tattoo Artist

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How did you get started in Tattooing ?

I’ve taken a liking to tattoos at a young age, and Have always loved creating art and finding new waysm to stand out. Jon garber reached out to me for an apprenticeship and I’ve continued to learn and grow under him.

What was your first tattoo ?

My first tattoo I did was a black rose on my thigh.

Do you have any artistic training prior to getting into the industry ?

I’ve had no formal art training of many kind before, It’s always been trial and error until I figure out a way that best worked for me. Lots of questions and YouTube videos.

Who influence you a lot with your current tattoo style ?

I’m influenced a lot by French prison tattoos and traditional artists such as Ben Corday and Christian Warlich. I like to mash up different styles and find a way to make them work together.

Do you find your work attracts a specific type of clientele?

I don’t particularly notice my work attracting,a certain type of clientele.

What’s your actual tattooing process like?

My process is thin lines, different textures, black.

How do you see your style evolving?

I see my style evolving by finding more options for different
textures and larger scale pieces. I’d love to do full torso tattoos.

What styles of tattooing covers your current body of work ?

My current style consists of thin lined, black work, folk, French criminal and traditional influences.