Tattoo Etiquette

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Professional Tattoo Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts:

Getting a tattoo involves not just the Artist and his work, but also the client’s cooperation and his/her ability to listen to instructions. You may have envisioned a bad-ass tattoo to grace your skin for the rest of your life any time soon—but as the old saying goes: a goal is reached by beginning with a first step. And the first step is KNOWLEDGE. A complete awareness of what you’re getting yourself into. So today we collected insights from a plenty number of tattoo artists and here’s what they wanna tell you. 

  1. DON’T show up for your tattoo appointment under the influence of any substance.
  2. DON’T bring children or pets to the tattoo studio. Period, NO exceptions.
  3. DO bring a GOVERNMENT ISSUED photo ID, it is required to get a tattoo.
  4. DO wear comfortable clothing according to where you’re getting tattooed on your body. .
  5. DO tell your artist about any medical conditions you have.
  6. DO take the time to plan your tattoo carefully.
  7. DO save for your tattoo. A really good tattoo isn’t cheap.  So save up for it because YOU are worth it.
  8. DO trust & listen to your tattoo artist. Listen when he tells you that what you want won’t work. 
  9. DO speak to your tattoo artist confidentiality regarding any costs and initial deposits.
  10. DO take any pictures, designs or accompanying notes that you may have to your initial tattoo consultation.
  11. Mind your hygiene. Make sure you smell good, to keep your tattoo artist from being distracted.
  12. DO NOT get offended if your artist requests that you change certain aspects of your desired tattoo design.
  13. DO NOT ask your artist to draw you up a design so you can simply admire their creative skills.
  14. DO NOT be late for your appointment without notifying your tattoo artist.
  15. DO NOT enter the shop with children or friends in tow. This is due to Covid-19 restrictions.
  16. D0 TIP  your artists.
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