Interview with Josh Carter – Tattoo Artist

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How did you get started in Tattooing ?

I started tattooing in Venice Beach California in 1997. I was working at a shop with my girlfriend at the time who was a piercer and I saw a bunch of tattooers putting crappy tattoos on tourists and thought Hey ! I can do that ! So I convinced an old punker dude I knew to show me some basics and I was off and running.

What was your first tattoo ?

A star I tattooed on my own ankle.

Do you have any artistic training prior to getting into the industry?

I didn’t have any formal training but I always had a predilection towards art.

Who influence you a lot with your current tattoo style?

I find most of my reference in old Japanese art and give my own spin. There’s are a handful of tattooers who do a similar style that I feed off of from time to time but I try not to look at other tattooers work too much when creating my own.

Do you find your work attracts a specific type of clientele?


What’s your actual tattooing process like?

Client likes my work, take deposit, make appointment, tattooooooo.

How do you see your style evolving?

I don’t see it changing much at this point, only refining.

What styles of tattooing covers your current body of work?

Japanese Traditional.

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