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Interview with Leo Galaz – Tattoo Artist

How did you get started in Tattooing ?

My brother worked at a Immacualte tattoo for a long time so I’d always be hanging around there. I met a lot of Tattooer’s and got tattooed heavily. I met Josh Carter there and since became friends. My youngest brother got a job working the counter at 5th estate tattoo and is where I met and got tattooed by Jon Garber. When dame started up I would come in every day until they thought me how to tattoo.

What was your first tattoo ?

My first tattoo was the straight edge x’s down my leg.

Do you have any artistic training prior to getting into the industry ?

No training but growing up I was always in all the art classes in school and loved drawing people and animals.

Who influence you a lot with your current tattoo style ?

Chuco Moreno , Gustavo Martinez , Kane Navasard, Freddy Corbin, Stizzo, Ed Hardy, Oozy.

Do you find your work attracts a specific type of clientele?

Definitely. Girls that don’t want big tattoos.

What’s your actual tattooing process like?

Setting up a single needle or bug pin 3 needle and a black ink cap and washed down black in. Solid black outline and stipple shading.

How do you see your style evolving?

It’s evolving to a more fine line traditional style.

What styles of tattooing covers your current body of work ?

Fine line, single needle, fine line traditional, floral portrait, illustrative, Chicano, prison style, stippling, dot work , black work.

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