Interview with Fernando Mardo – Tattoo Artist

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fernando mardo tattoo arist

a) How did you get started in Tattooing ? I started painting graffiti when I was 14 and some of the older graffiti artist were tattoing

b) What was your first tattoo ?
My last name in Arabic

c) Do you have any artistic training prior to getting into the industry ?
None just spray painting my name

d) Who influence you a lot with your current tattoo style ? Other traditional style Tattooer’s to manny to name

e) Do you find your work attracts a specific type of clientele? No

f) What’s your actual tattooing process like? Fast and painless

g) How do you see your style evolving? I don’t know

h) What styles of tattooing covers your current body of work ? .
classic, bold, old school, traditional, American traditional, neo traditional